WhiteHatAI Centaur System

The WhiteHatAI Centaur system is a flexible, patent-pending, automated AI software platform that becomes a forensic tool by ingesting electronic medical claims.

The AI system quickly identifies medical fraud waste and abuse issues regardless of complexity. The AI system lists suspect issues and provides a summary framework which can be used by an individual, with or without a healthcare background or clinical expertise, to dispute, eliminate and re-negotiate the presented charges. The suspect medical claims can also be forwarded to the appropriate area for additional investigation.

The needed regulatory and scientific evidence associated with suspect charges are presented by the WhiteHatAI Centaur system within an easy to understand summary.

While all of this is happening, the WhiteHatAI Centaur system learns from human interaction and its ability to detect medical fraud, mistakes and abuse improves over time.

The WhiteHatAI Centaur is architected to provide a number of advantages over existing methods of detecting fraudulent charges in medical claims processing:

Improved Error Detection Across Multiple Medical Knowledge Areas

Unlike a human mind which takes years of training to obtain a high level of knowledge in certain medical claims processing, the WhiteHatAI Centaur system becomes an “expert” in multiple areas by simply ingesting documentation over a short period of time.

The human mind decreases in efficiency when engaged in periods of long concentration. The WhiteHatAI Centaur is always 100% focused on the task at hand and isn't worried about today's lunch, what's on the internet or the co-worker across the hall loudly talking on the phone.

Consistently High Performance Metrics Regardless of Time on Task

No Bad Habits and/or Easy to Re-train

The WhiteHatAI Centaur does not have to be "untaught" bad habits. When an outcome is identified as undesirable, the system can be immediately corrected simply by providing accurate materials and/or guidance.

Because the WhiteHatAI Centaur is not a rules based approach but instead an AI based system, it does not have the same limitations of a rule based system. Rule based systems can literally “crumble under their own weight”. If a rule based system could do what the WhiteHatAI Centaur does, it would have been instituted a long time ago.

Not Rule Based

AI Makes a More Efficient System

The WhiteHatAI Centaur is exceptional when it comes to capturing and documenting the intangible elements of the existing process, quickly creating a primary medical corpus centered around common applied knowledge, much like the experience and education developed by humans through years of experience working in the same domain.

The WhiteHatAI Centaur System can also easily integrate with other systems, utilize existing medical claims processing software systems already in use and scale throughput and address security and privacy considerations.

Easily Integrated