Want to Sell Me an AI Solution? Let Me Ask A Few Questions First

At some point, you are likely to end up in a situation where someone is trying to sell you their “AI product”.  Do not become overwhelmed.  Take a deep breath and use these critical questions to start separating marketing fluff from product substance:


  • What other methods /models/algorithms/techniques did you try before you decided on what you have today?
  • Why did you choose this over the others?
  • Why do you think this outperforms the others?
  • Has someone else solved a similar problem? If yes, which method did they use?
  • How easily can the Machine Learning model be retrained on new data or replaced with a more effective version?
  • What is the time required to re-train?
  • What are the resources required to re-train?
  • How similar is the training data compared to the ‘real world’ data that the model will be working with?
  • How much data is enough?
  • What are the limitations of the system?
  • What are the strengths of the system?

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