Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Payment Integrity

Sharecare Payment Integrity brings together the technology and services you need to ensure payment integrity.


Take control of your payments

The Sharecare Payment Integrity Centaur platform is a flexible, patent-pending healthcare billing and claims software platform that ingests electronic healthcare claims by the millions. The AI system quickly identifies medical abuse, fraudulent healthcare charges, and errors regardless of complexity. The Centaur healthcare AI platform lists suspect issues and presents the data in clear visual and data formats, helping payers and providers appropriately address their specific payment integrity issues.

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Centaur for payers

Unlike traditional rules-based systems, the Sharecare Payment Integrity Centaur for Payers dives deep into claims data and finds not only known irregularities but unknown and emerging schemes that traditional rules-based analytics do not recognize. The Centaur healthcare AI platform uses powerful and industry-leading Artificial Intelligence to examine patterns and trends in medical claims to detect fraud, waste, and abuse.


Centaur for providers

Sharecare Payment Integrity Centaur for Providers not only identifies billing problems but also provides the technology to make sure healthcare providers are paid efficiently and accurately.

Healthcare audits, when managed through our healthcare AI software, can be a highly effective cost containment solution. Sharecare Payment Integrity provides powerful Centaur technology and services to enhance revenue, control costs, and defend against denials and audits.

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Sharecare payment integrity app

In an industry first, Sharecare Payment Integrity will be launching our Patient Payment Integrity Application in 2023. 

Sharecare has over 40 million people connected to their online and mobile applications, and the Patient Payment Integrity App will be integrated to address fraud, waste, and abuse quicker and more directly than any other  technology available in the industry today.


Centaur NLP

Unstructured clinical records contain a wealth of insight that is not available in the structured healthcare record. Centaur NLP (Natural Language Processing) introduces proprietary AI tools for any organization seeking to leverage their healthcare data.

Centaur NLP has been successful in extracting the clinical data needed for CMS quality reporting from unstructured EHR data, improving outcomes, reducing costs, and unlocking a wealth of information hidden in unstructured clinical medical data.

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