Peter Ransome

Senior Vice President

Pete is a seasoned business executive with 30 years of success in information management, information processing, information governance, business process, and IT outsourcing. Pete has experience with large publicly traded companies and small to mid-size start up’s where he has shown a talent to strategically manage and grow organizations. He is well known for his strategic thinking, thought leadership, and innovation in the healthcare, automotive, insurance, finance, non-profit, and government industries.

Pete also has a unique background in information governance, specifically ECM systems, BPO services, marketing, analytics, and SaaS applications in North America as well as global experience leveraging workforces in China, Nepal, India, Kenya, Granada, Barbados, Philippines, and Mexico.

Pete co-founded Active Data Services, a leading healthcare BPO organization successfully exited in 2009. Pete subsequently, founded a consulting and digital marketing company, Ransome Associates, that provides executive leadership and growth services to many emerging Technology companies across the U.S. and Canada.