Seton Amick

Director of Business Development

Seton Amick is an experienced businessman who has enjoyed a successful career in the business and medical and fraud, logistics, marketing, and finance industries. Seton is known for his motivational management and is a skilled entrepreneur in hi-tech startups.

Before co-founding WhiteHatAI, Seton was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Prophet Labs, LLC, a medical data technology development company developing medical data systems and served as an executive member of the Wells Fargo Fraud Detection Development Initiative.

Seton also co-founded and served as National Operations Manager for True Understanding Corporation, an AI startup based in New York State and helped establish biometric startup ID Technologies Corporation.

Seton is CEO and President of HotHead Marketing, holds various securities licenses, and has held positions as an executive at Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America.