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Centaur for Medicare Supplement

Payment Integrity Designed for Medicare Supplement Payers

Sharecare approaches overpayment recovery at the line-item level, assuring that overpayment recovery is accurate, clearly explained, and fair avoiding Provider abrasion while encouraging Provider education. 

Payment Integrity for Medicare Supplement Is Different...We Get That

Supplemental healthcare payers need a constantly evolving suite of payment integrity solutions to uncover overpayments missed by traditional rules-based programs.  Sharecare has developed the Sharecare Payment Integrity Centaur platform identifies medical abuse, fraudulent healthcare charges, and errors regardless of complexity.                  

We have processed billions of dollars of supplemental claims, and we understand the unique challenges your organization deals with daily.  Sharecare’s Centaur has a unique ability to work across the entire supplemental payer landscape.

The Centaur is designed to address FWA issues unique in the supplemental industry, automatically and economically finding past overpayment issues while revealing information about your claims data and your organization’s policies and procedures that could be costing you millions of dollars a year. 

Sharecare utilizes cutting-edge logic and machine-learning technology to uncover new insights and schemes not possible with traditional investigative processes and procedures, empowering supplemental payers with a powerful, easy-to-use platform that works in harmony with existing systems.

We then mesh those findings into Sharecare’s Recovery Services, completing the Centaur’s unique “detect, correct, collect” loop while your organization pays nothing until we recover.


The Sharecare Difference

  • Our large Provider NPI database of Sharecare customers can assist in obtaining medical records when necessary
  • A suite of overpayment recovery and collections services
  • Concentration on the causes of FWA at the healthcare provider level with denial management services and provider education
  • Designed to work with existing FWA systems – No replacement necessary
  • An average of 6%+ ADDITIONAL overpayments found with no minimum claim size
  • Our large ecosystem of capabilities and partners molds our “all together better” strategy at Sharecare
  • Industry leading focus on Medicare Supplemental / MEDIGAP

Recovery Services Included - All Your Solutions in One Place

  • Focused on Medicare supplement / MEDIGAP
  • Commercially available today for deployment
  • Average FWA recoverable detection rate of 6+%
  • Process electronic health care claims by the millions at the line-item level
  • Identifies and reports claims anomalies quickly regardless of the complexity of the claim
  • List suspect issues and presents the data in clear visual and data reporting formats
  • Qualifies FWA suspects quickly and accurately
  • Provides millions of dollars in additional revenue by targeting claims of any size and any amount

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