Centaur for Providers

Is it costing you too much to get paid?

Payment denials may be costing you more than you think.


of all claims are denied


of denied claims are never resubmitted


healthcare provider revenue is affected by denial activity

We manage denials and control costs as a critical component of Revenue Cycle Management

Claims audit
Centaur denial review and audit of claim and encounter

Claim/chart review
Chart ROI and deep dive into clinical document improvement (CDI)

Technology for payer/ provider collaboration and negotiation Centaur audit tracker

Corrective actions
Admission, coding, charting, care gaps, and utilization

Pre-claim analytics educational feedback loop
Reduce risk and optimize revenue MIPS/MACRA

Rounded Plus small

Audit and denial management services

Sharecare Payment Integrity not only identifies billing problems but also provides the technology to make sure you are paid efficiently and accurately. Our auditing and denial management service includes:
  • DRG Validation
  • Retrospective Audits
  • HEDIS, RAC, CERT, ZPIC auditing support
  • Audit Policy creation and management
  • Under-Billed audits
  • Quality Reporting (MIPS/MACRA)
Healthcare audits, when managed through our process, can be a highly effective cost containment solution. Sharecare Payment Integrity provides powerful Centaur technology and services to enhance revenue, control costs, and defend against denials and audits.

Effective denial management

Denial management and audit defense are a crucial part of a provider’s revenue cycle management program. We work with our customers to manage denied claims, increase billing, manage audits, and implement lasting improvements.

With our Centaur technology and Payment Integrity services, we help minimize and eliminate the cost and disruption caused by denials and audits. Our services are the ideal solution for defending against revenue loss and administrative workload escalation. We provide assessments that quickly identify how we can impact a provider’s financials, no matter how large or small.


Managing the appeal process

Effective denial management is critical to cash flow and revenue optimization. Surprisingly, many health care providers have limited policies to protect against auditing threats, which can leave a provider exposed to an endless number of costly audits. Our team helps providers develop and refine audit policies that make cost containment and revenue cycle management “All together, better.”