Solving the Problem of Unstructured Clinical Medical Data

Unstructured clinical records contain a wealth of insight that is not available in the structured record. Centaur NLP introduces proprietary AI tools for any organization seeking to leverage their data.
Centaur NLP has been successful in extracting the clinical data needed for CMS quality reporting from unstructured EHR data, improving outcomes, reducing cost, and unlocking the wealth of information hidden inside of unstructured clinical medical data.

Attacking Payment Integrity Issues with Powerful AI Technology

The Centaur NLP AI can process medical claims and attacks payment integrity issues with our powerful technology to provide required patient outcome reporting metrics directly from an EHR regarding symptoms, treatments, and physician interactions.

Centaur NLP is a clinical data management AI designed to work with WhiteHatAI’s Centaur platforms as it relates to the payment integrity challenges that run rampant in the industry and can add up to 10% of additional cost in treating the patient.

In keeping with our design mantra, we create complementary applications that are flexible applications that complement existing systems and are cost-effective and fast to deploy.

By taking advantage of existing resources coupled with our Centaur NLP clinical data management AI, health care professionals, organizations, and institutions can significantly increase productivity by reducing the amount of time highly-skilled medically trained experts spend time with their “nose in the chart”.

Designed for Healthcare

Centaur NLP has been designed specifically for healthcare, focused on clinical concepts, and using the Centaur’s proprietary artificial intelligence to find meaningful insight in medical documentation.  The Centaur can pinpoint the accuracy of a diagnosis, related conditions, and procedures involved in the medical treatment provided and apply that information to FWA issues.

Complementary Applications

In keeping with our design mantra, WhiteHatAI creates flexible applications that complement existing systems and are cost-effective and fast to deploy. With Centaur NLP, health professionals can significantly reduce the amount of time a highly-skilled medically trained expert needs to spend with their “nose in the chart”.

Flexible Availability

Centaur NLP offers flexible availability through the cloud via HIPAA compliant AWS platforms. Centaur NLP continues to improve and develop, focusing on CMS, MIPS, and MACRA applications while preparing for additional applications in  FWA, clinical trials, and other use cases.